English Toy Spaniel Puppy

English Toy Spaniel

(aka: King Charles Spaniel)

English Toy Spaniel


Male: 10 - 11 inches; 8 - 14 lbs.
Female: 10 - 11 inches; 8 - 14 lbs.


Solid red (the Ruby), black and tan (the King Charles), or either of these colors on a white background (tricolor is called the Prince Charles, red and white is a Blenheim).

Living Area

These little dogs are perfect for apartment living: they don't need a lot of exercise, they don't handle extreme temperature, they have a low tolerance for pollution. They should not be left outside alone.



Energy Level


Life Span

10 - 12 years

Description | Temperament | Grooming | History | Training | Health Problems

English Toy Spaniel Description

The English Toy Spaniel has a very sweet and docile appearance, which reflects his personality traits. His sweet face sports a thoughtful expression, and his coat is long and silky, with typical spaniel-type silky ears framing his small face. The coloring of the English Toy Spaniel can vary, and included tri-color, black and tan, mahogany red, and red and white. The weight of the English Toy Spaniel is around 8-10 pounds for females and around 12-15 pounds for males. The height of these dogs is around 9-10 inches. Although small, the English Toy Spaniel has a sturdy and compact build, yet at the same time also looks fragile because of his size.

English Toy Spaniel Temperament

The English Toy Spaniel is a sweet natured, undemanding, and friendly dog, with an amiable personality, a gentle nature, and a lot of affection to give to his owners. The low demands and sweet nature of this breed has made him a hit amongst the elderly or those that are unable to provide much in the way of exercise for their pet. The English Toy Spaniel is well suited for the inexperienced owner as well as the more experienced, and is a small dog that makes a great companion pet. Although these dogs are playful they are not demanding in terms of exercise requirements, and is in fact the type of dog that prefers to be pampered and loves his creature comforts.

If you are looking for an undemanding, sweet, gentle, and friendly companion dog that loves to cuddle up with you, then the English Toy Spaniel could be the ideal pet for you. These dogs will get along okay with older children that are more considerate, but they do not like being teased or handled roughly so are not well suited to younger, boisterous children. These dogs tend to get on well with other pets, but can be reserved when strangers are around. The English Toy Spaniel is a very fast learner and is obedient, which means that training shouldn't prove too much of a problem but beware, as some English Toy Spaniels can have a stubborn streak.

English Toy Spaniel Grooming

As with other aspect of this breed, grooming requirements are pretty undemanding, and a twice weekly brush of his coat should help to keep it tangle free and in good condition, although you may have to brush more regularly when he is shedding more. You should ensure that the hair around his bottom is kept trimmed for hygiene reasons, and also check his ear canals are dry and clean for hygiene reasons and to reduce the chances of infections. These dogs are low shedders when properly groomed, and so may prove fine for allergy sufferers.

English Toy Spaniel History

It is believed that English Toy Spaniels date back to Asian spaniels and pugs. The breed was developed in the British Isles. The breed was originally developed as a woodcock dog. However, they quickly became a favorite of British royalty, and soon became primarily used as companion dogs. In fact, the term King Charles Spaniel came from King Charles II of England, who owned several of these dogs. This breed is still a favorite pet in England.

Breeding programs began in the nineteenth century to breed the dogs down and give them a flatter and more upturned face. Their eyes were also bred to be more protruding, leading to the breed as it is today. These breeding programs are also thought to be how the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came about.

English Toy Spaniel Training

English Toy Spaniels are intelligent and eager to please their owners, once dominance is established. They can be willful, so it's important to establish yourself as the Alpha dog early on.

Because the English Toy Spaniel can sometimes be timid with strangers, it's very important that they be socialized very early on to prevent them from being fearful of your family's visitors. If you are planning to show this breed, introducing them to the life of the show ring early will prevent them from being fearful of the events that will take place in the ring. If they are properly exposed to the ring, however, their naturally sunny personalities are sure to be favorite.

Crate training works well for housebreaking this breed. Since they are so small, they can find many places in your home to go to the bathroom unnoticed, and once the habit is started it is very difficult to break. However, because of the dog's intolerance of extreme temperatures, many owners choose to paper train this breed, so that they are not required to go outside to go to the bathroom when it is very cold or very hot outside. This also works well for high rise apartment dwellers who don't want to make frequent trips outdoors.

English Toy Spaniels are known for being difficult to leash train, so it's important to begin this task early and to be patient. They have a bit of a hunting instinct, and will usually chase after any bird around, so it's important that they not be left off their leads.

English Toy Spaniel Health Problems

There are a number of health problems and disorders that are linked to the breed. This includes cataracts, luxating patella, hernias, heart problems, allergies and sensitivity to chemicals and medication, and respiratory problems resulting from his short muzzle. Be wary in the hot weather as these dogs can suffer heatstroke.

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