Your journey through pictures of the incredible variety of dog breeds continues! Have you seen any dogs that appeal to you more than others? Is it their fur color, or the expression in their eyes? Maybe it's just the way they look sweet. Or, maybe it's because they look tough. For many, a certain breed will appeal for reasons that are hard to describe. They "just like it", and that's okay. Yep, there's certainly a dog for everyone!

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chow chowChow Chow cirneco dell etnaCirneco dell'Etna clumber spanielClumber Spaniel cocker spanielCocker Spaniel
collieCollie redbone coonhoundCoonhound (Redbone) coton de tulearCoton de Tulear curly coated retrieverCurly Coated Retriever
czechoslovakian vlcakCzechoslovakian Wolfdog dachsundDachshund dalmationDalmation dandie dinmont terrierDandie Dinmont Terrier
doberman pinscherDoberman Pinscher dogue de bordeauxDogue de Bordeaux english bulldog
English Bulldog
english cocker spanielEnglish Cocker Spaniel
english foxhoundEnglish Foxhound english setterEnglish Setter english springer spanielEnglish Springer Spaniel english toy spanielEnglish Toy Spaniel
entlebucher mountain dogEntlebucher Mountain Dog estrela mountain dogEstrela Mountain Dog eurasierEurasier field spanielField Spaniel

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My name is "Buddy" and I'm a yellow lab. My favorite thing to do is fetch a ball. I also like to bark at cars and go swimming in the lake whenever I can. It's great to be a dog!