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Toy dogs are the tiny dogs of the canine world. Many of the dogs on this page may be seen on the AKC Toy Group page, but there are also other toy sized dogs that are not AKC recognized. So here we have a list of all dogs on the site that are toy sized dogs. The primary characteristic of these dogs are that they generally weigh 12 pounds or less, though some clubs(including the AKC) recognize Toy dogs up to 18 lbs. Because of this, there may be some dogs recognized by the AKC in the Toy Group, but which I have placed in the small dog category because their average weight is over 12 pounds.

Some of these toy dogs are ancient dogs that were kept as lapdogs, primarily by the affluent or royalty. Others are versions of larger hunting or work dogs that have been bred down in size, either for a particular type of work or for convenient sized pets.

Some people think that all toy dogs are primarily lapdogs with little need for exercise and with low endurance. But this generalization is not true. The variety of dogs reflect a variety of characteristics, including energy levels. Though appearing dainty, some enjoy long walks (such as Papillons, Italian Greyhounds, and the Maltese), and do great at dog agility trials.

These miniature canines should always be indoor dogs, and do well in urban settings and apartment living. Many can get a lot of exercise running around their homes, but they still need to get out in the fresh air for a walk, or to run and play. Some toy sized dogs are more fragile than others, so if you have very young children, make sure you choose a breed that can handle a bit of roughness.

Some of the primary benefits of toy sized dogs are: they are a lot less expensive to feed, they are easier to control (just pick them up if they are not obeying), and their messes are a lot smaller and easier to clean up! If you think a toy dog is for you, take a look through the various breeds below to find one that suits your personality, family, and living environment.

All Toy Sized Dogs

* Dog breeds belonging to the AKC Toy Group


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