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It's a big responsibility to get a puppy, and unfortunately people get them that probably shouldn't. Please be smart about getting a puppy. If you see one in the pet store that you "just have to have", give yourself a day or two to think about it. If you do then you'll be sure about your decision and avoid taking a pup home when maybe you shouldn't. Never hurts to take some time when puppies are concerned!

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Perro de Presa Canario PuppyPerro de Presa Canario Puppy Peruvian Inca Orchid PuppyPeruvian Inca Orchid Puppy Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen PuppyPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen Puppy Pharaoh Hound PuppyPharaoh Hound Puppy
Plott Puppy
Plott Puppy
Pointer PuppyPointer Puppy Polish Lowland Sheepdog PuppyPolish Lowland Sheepdog Puppy Polish Owczarek Nizziny Puppy
Polish Owczarek Nizziny Puppy
Pomeranian PuppyPomeranian Puppy Poodle (Miniature) PuppyPoodle (Miniature) Puppy Poodle (Standard) PuppyPoodle (Standard) Puppy Poodle (Toy) PuppyPoodle (Toy) Puppy
Portuguese Podengo PuppyPortuguese Podengo Puppy Portuguese Pointer PuppyPortuguese Pointer Puppy Portuguese Water Dog PuppyPortuguese Water Dog Puppy Pug PuppyPug Puppy
Puli PuppyPuli Puppy Pumi PuppyPumi Puppy Pyrenean Shepherd Puppy
Pyrenean Shepherd Puppy
Rafeiro do Alentejo PuppyRafeiro do Alentejo Puppy
Rat Terrier PuppyRat Terrier Puppy Redbone Coonhound PuppyRedbone Coonhound Puppy Red and White Setter PuppyRed and White Setter Puppy Rhodesian Ridgeback PuppyRhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

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My name is "Buddy" and I'm a yellow lab. My favorite thing to do is fetch a ball. I also like to bark at cars and go swimming in the lake whenever I can. It's great to be a dog!